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Feast Day of Light Conception

Our Lady who is the Essence of Light

Blessed is the Infinite Space within your womb.

And the Radiance of the Soul of the Messiah breathing within your Infinity.

Through the Power of your Supernal Light and Holy Grace,

Grant us Purity and Holiness

So we may receive the baptismal rebirth in water, fire and spirit,

and be conceived in the Sanctity of your Womb.

As we receive the Mystery of your Light

May the fullness of Adonai Messiah be born within us.

Shlom Lech Maryam

Shlom Lech Maryam

Shlom Lech Maryam


Ana Otero

On December 8, we honor Mary, our Mother. Even though this feast day occurs in the liturgical season of Advent, which prepares for the birth of Christ, the Immaculate Conception refers to the conception of Mary in the womb of her mother, Mother Anna.


All beings are within the One Web of Consciousness and Light Creation and the One Web of consciousness and Light Creation is within all beings.

Breathe in deeply, create space within yourself. Let everything go. You are free to be yourself. Detach from all and accept everything.

When your heart learns to stop judging and wanting, you will return to your true nature.

See reality as a mystical whole and understand that duality is wanting you to understand that all things are united in essence.

When you chose to come here incarnated on Earth, you were veiled and you forgot your true nature as a Being of Light. You have been living in a world of dreams, of illusion, and it is time to wake up and understand that you are part of ALAHA , THE SACRED UNITY.

Now you are experiencing an unveiling, as it is time for you to ascend. Sometimes you feel heavy in this process because you want to ascend taking your old fears and limitations with you. If you were to jump off of a boat to save your life, would you take all of your belongings with you into the water? Of course not. Shed what is necessary, become light, make space.

Open your heart, and allow these words to be a healing balm for whatever you are holding that is heavy.

Today I ask you to Pray, to Forgive, to be of Service, to give thanks and to surrender, so that the Soul can merge with the Light.

Remember that nothing in your consciousness is fixed, so allow your consciousness to be open to whatever the Universe has to teach you and wants to give you.

It is time for you to be emptied and jump into the unknown Mystery of Totality and Infinite Light.

Mother Mary

Channeled by Ana Otero


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