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Frankincense, Transformation and Vision

As we approach Christmas there are so many lovely smells associated to this time of the year and the Sacred Oils of Myrrh and Frankincense are deeply connected to our rebirth in the Light.

Frankincense in Aramaic is L’VO’NAH, and teaches us the original state of potentiality inherent in all of us. It is the dream before it is materialized and all the colors before they are manifested, before they are individuated.

Frankincense is a great teacher that reminds us that everything is One, we are all ONE, but not the same. Frankincense represents the process of individuation and teaches us unity in diversity and diversity in unity.

Frankincense also brings us into SHEE´NAH. In Aramaic, this is the word for sleep but it also means Transformation, Change, and a shifting in consciousness. When we sleep, a transformation happens as we enter into Dream Time and allow the messages to unfold when we are in a multidimensional state. We often say let me sleep on it. What a powerful expression! We can actually anoint ourselves with Frankincense at night before we go to bed and ask a question and guidance when we need to make a decision or even if we just need some clarity in our life.

Frankincense also awakens the R’ee’yah. R´ee´yah in Aramaic translates as Vision, yet the root meaning of this word is to appreciate the gifts that we have been given and to not be intimidated by them. R´ee´yah gives us the capacity to see beyond the way in which we are accustomed to seeing. This is the Tantric Vision, the transcendence of seeing with the eyes of limiting beliefs, the awakening of the Eye of Horus - The Christ Eye.  

As we prepare ourselves to enter through a new doorway, that which leads us to 2023, a number 7, let us give offerings of Frankincense so we may remember that all of the lessons learned in 2022 will be carried into our next year in a unified consciousness. We have transformed and we are ready to expand. Let us breathe in the magic of the Frankincense and know that although we are all a unique expression of creation creating, we are all ONE and come from the ONE. Let us create with the magical aroma of Frankincense to remember our original state of potentiality inherent in each one of us. Let us honor the gifts and transcend duality and limited perceptions of life and of being.

We are Infinity Creating Creation in Blissful Unity.


Ana Otero

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