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Full Moon and Tu B´Shevat Blessings

Love and blessings on this Full Moon in Leo and the festival of trees Tu B´Shevat. On this day we celebrate trees and we are reminded of the Tree of Life Template we hold within us.

I feel Asherah so present on this day, the Hebrew tree goddess, and how our ancestors would carve her image on trees, especially those trees rooted deeply on ley lines. The Black Madonna Statues were also carved out of wood.

Asherah holds a deep and sacred connection to trees. Symbolizing the Tree of Life, Asherah embodies the essence of fertility, growth, and the nurturing force of nature. She is divine protector and life-giver. Her association with trees is more than a mere symbol; it represents the intertwining of the divine feminine with the natural world, highlighting the nurturing and sustaining qualities inherent in both. Trees, with their deep roots and expansive branches, mirror the qualities of Asherah, standing as symbols of strength, resilience, and the interconnectedness of all life. The reverence for Asherah through the veneration of trees showcases the ancient understanding of the sacredness of nature and the recognition of the divine feminine's vital role in the cycle of life.

Trees root deeply and fly high with branches and leaves expressing their glory and radiance, just as we are asked to express on this Full Moon in Leo. Take time to walk in nature, embrace the trees, root deeply, fly high, shine your light, and nourish your connection to the earth, yourself and others. I am wishing all of you a blissful celebration of who you are and what you came to express.

Ritual Suggestions:

  1. Tree Planting Ceremony: In the spirit of Tu B'Shevat and honoring Asherah, the Hebrew Tree Goddess, participate in a tree planting ceremony. This can be a personal activity or a community event. As you plant a tree, set intentions for growth and resilience, both for the tree and in your life, reflecting on the nurturing and sustaining power of nature, much like Asherah. If you want to keep it simple, you can also make an offering to a tree.

  2. Create a Tree Goddess Altar: Set up a small altar in honor of Asherah, incorporating elements associated with trees and nature, such as leaves, branches, or fruits. Use this space for meditation and reflection under the full moon, contemplating your connection to the divine feminine and the natural world. Also take this moment to celebrate your life by feeling rooted in your incarnation.

  3. Drumming, Chanting and Dancing in nature. As Leo loves to express, what a beautiful moment to express yourself in nature, and even better if it is under the Light of the Moon.

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Sending love to all of you.


Ana Otero

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