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Full Moon Taurus and Lunar Eclipse Transmission

What a powerful moment of healing we are all experiencing at the moment. As the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Portal initiates, the gates to the Hathor Temple are opened. Taurus is the zodiacal frequency of Hathor. As we walk in, we turn around for a brief moment and look at all that we are leaving behind. Scorpio in the South Node has helped us heal control, power, manipulation, the toxic use of resources. So much fear and conditioning just keeps shedding off as we enter more into The Temple. We have killed the lawless serpent and we have reclaimed the power of our Sexual Energy to bring sovereignty and creativity to our lives. Let the past go and allow Hathor to be your guide into an Era of Love.

Are you ready to enter fully into the temple?

As the Full Moon fills us with the Light of Hathor we are reminded of the Mystery that wants to be revealed through us. Niqubta is the Aramaic Word for this Phase of the Moon, and it means Mystery and Wisdom of the Divine Feminine. As the Eclipse takes us into a total darkness, we enter the realm of the unknown, El Shaddai, the Double Breasted One, whispers words of hope and faith of the New Humanity. The Magdalene Consciousness anchors more deeply within Gaia and those who are opened to embody the Magdalene receive her indwelling presence.

Let us be open, in total reception. Let us enter the Temple of Love together.

The video below is a Message of Love from the Hathors.


Ana Otero

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