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Giving Thanks to those who help us Remember...

I am always touched deeply when I remember the story of the woman who goes beyond her class, beyond her poverty, beyond her societal category of shameful and dirty, and she touches Yeshua´s robe from behind.

Yeshua stops amongst the crowd and so many people have touched him, yet he notices this woman who has done everything in her power to touch his robe. When Yeshua asks who has touched him, she was scared to speak out and she went beyond the fear of judgement and said I HAVE TOUCHED YOU. Everyone looked at her dirty hands and were scandalized at the idea of a woman touching a rabbi, a teacher. What she did was radical, dangerous, as she was seen as an outcast, a leper. Her voice was powerful and determined, as she stood up for her wholeness, her womanhood and her humanity. She took a risk knowing she could become an object of humiliation.

Yeshua went to her and said: ARISE, YOUR FAITH HAS MADE YOU WHOLE. This woman was healed.

It is our willingness to transcend separation imposed by society and to hold on to the vision of our wholeness and push past society’s claims on us. When we have Faith, we find our voice.

Many times we look to others for healing, yet the best teachers are those who find ways to help us remember and ignite the spark of wholeness within ourselves. These teachers help us remember that what we thought was dead is still very much alive in us.

Let us give thanks to all of the teachers who have helped us and continue to help us remember and know our wholeness.


Ana Otero

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