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Guided Sacred Sound Practice for Venus - Shabbat Embodiment

Blessings to all of you on this Venus - Shabbat Day.

As we light our two candles, we remember that we are but Holy Vessels, vessels made for the indwelling of Your divine presence, Shekhinah. May we become more aware of this holiness within us, embracing the spark of divinity that You, Shekhinah, have bestowed upon us.

Let us light one candle for shalom / shlama: peace, unity, wholeness. As we light this candle let us understand that what we see as a shadow or that which keeps us from feeling complete is not an adversary to be feared, but a teacher, revealing aspects of ourselves that need to be acknowledged, healed, and loved.

As we Light the second candle let us place the following intention: Love in its purest form teaches us to honour the sacredness of our body and soul, and to see this in others.

May the gentle glow of these candles unify the fragmented parts within us, bringing together all that needs healing, all that needs completion. In this sacred act of kindling, let us carry this light into our hearts, minds, and souls - illuminating our path, guiding our way, and nurturing our spirit.

In acknowledging and embracing aspects that seem so polarized within us, we move towards balance, towards unity, transcending the dualities of our human experience.

Let us remember on this day that we are infinitely loved. We are divinely guided. We are the Light of the World.

Guided Sacred Sound Practice for Venus - Shabbat Embodiment


Find a quiet, peaceful space where you won't be disturbed. Sit or stand comfortably, ensuring your spine is straight, feet are planted on the floor, and shoulders are relaxed. Take a moment to close your eyes and tune into your breath. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Feel your body relaxing with each breath.

Setting an Intention:

Bring your awareness to your heart center. Ask yourself, "What is my intention for this practice?" It could be for healing, balance, peace, or any other desire you hold. Once your intention is clear, say it silently to yourself or whisper it into the space around you.

Warming Up the Voice:

Begin by gently humming, feeling the vibration in your throat. Gradually, allow the hum to become louder and more pronounced. Play with the pitch, going higher and lower, and feeling how the vibrations change in your body.

Sacred Sound Practice:

Now that your voice is warmed up, we'll move into the heart of the practice. We will use the sacred sound ALAHA. Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, chant the sacred Aramaic Word that means Divine Mother - Father or Sacred Unity.

Repeat this chant for as long as you feel comfortable, synchronizing with your breath – inhaling silence, exhaling ALAHA. With each repetition, feel your body vibrating, your energy harmonizing with the sound.

Silence and Reflection:

After a period of chanting, slowly let your voice fade to a whisper, and then to silence. Sit in this silence, feeling the echo of your voice and the energy you've created. Visualize your intention as being true, as being manifested right now.

Closing the Practice:

Slowly bring your awareness back to your breath, to the physical sensations in your body. When you're ready, open your eyes. Carry the vibration and energy of this practice with you throughout your day, remembering your sacred connection to the universal sound. Remember, this practice is not about having a perfect or powerful voice; it's about using your unique sound to connect to your inner self and the Cosmic Intelligence within your voice. With consistency, you will notice a deeper connection with your own voice and a greater sense of peace, remembrance, a strengthened relationship with Alaha, a communion with your soul essence, healing and harmony. Sending so much love to all of you.

Have a beautiful Venus - Shabbat day.


Ana Otero

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