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Happy Full Moon Pisces

Blessings to you on this Full Moon in Libra

On this Full Moon we enter a liminal space Between the worlds. We are in Dreamtime. We ask you Pisces Full Moon to illuminate the most sacred of all Mysteries: the promise of rebirth inherent in all endings. You who give us resurrection and redemption. You are the Mystery hidden behind the veil of the High Priestess. Great Neptune ruler of pisces, awaken the Mystic, the Poet, and the Dreamer in all of us. As you illuminate us with your cosmic light, help us remember the Martyrs and the Victims who lived connected to the Cosmic Womb of the Mother and were punished for this. Pisces it is you who contains every lesson on the path. Please bring to us all of the Faces of who we have been, are, and will be. Awaken the compassionate christ in all of us and let us melt into the oneness of all that is.

On this Cosmic Full Moon, we are reminded that we are not from this world, we are in this world given the task to be Divine Humans and to awaken the Garden of the Mother. On this Holy Cosmic Full Moon we embrace the creative channel that we are. We ask you Mary Magdalene to breath on our wombs. May your breath awaken the Divine Chalice that we have been gifted with.


Ana Otero

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