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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone of you. Though this holiday may not be celebrated in all countries, how beautiful to take a day to actually create a ritual of gratitude and generosity. I do believe that this is something that we should learn to be every day, but again, holidays are energetic seals that we imprint in our matrix. In the past years this holiday has become very politicized as to what the true origin of giving thanks was, but as a collective Humanity we are going beyond separation and what stays is giving thanks.

Generosity, or the seeming absence of generosity, now takes on a new context. As we are all going through so many changes at the moment on a collective level and an individual level, our heart feels vulnerable. We have learned to appreciate and give thanks for the little things in life that make up the every day big picture.

As we learn to harness the capacity to give with an open heart, we can start to release the pain of separation and discord. Let us start encoding the new generations with joy, love, grace and compassion.

Every generation codes of new wisdom and new sets of experiences are fed into the energy grid of the collective, even our own personal energy grid.

Today I want to honor each and every one of you, those who know me and those who don´t. As we learn to see each other eye to eye, allowing us to see the reflection of true love in the person in front of us, we will understand the true meaning of Unity.



Ana Otero

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