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Holy Friday and the Reentry into the Edenic Presence of the Abwoon

In this Holy Friday there are so many emotions coming up. Just Yesterday, Holy Thursday, a group of beautiful women were ordained as Priestesses of Mary Magdalene. I feel such a strong portal being opened by Mary Magdalene as her Warriors of Light come into our earthly dimension to accompany us in the forever unfolding process of Ascension.

Yesterday I briefly read a post on Facebook that said we are now celebrating a Modern view of the Death and Resurrection of Yeshua. As we are led by Mary Magdalene to uncover the Truth within the teachings of the Christ Mystery School, I feel that our interpretation is not so much modern, but authentic, a return to the true teachings of Christ.

This day, Holy Friday, was chosen astrologically to remember the Sacrifice of Yeshua on the Cross. The night before he died, Yeshua and his disciples took part in the Last Supper and then went to the Garden of Gethsemane. Here Yeshua spent his last hours praying. Yeshua and the Christ Community loved praying in gardens and performing their Ceremonies in nature.

When I was a child growing up in a very Catholic Family I was taught that in Yeshua´s Crucifixion he took on the sins of the world. For me this thought was powerful and I could never really understand what that meant. I yearned to understand the mystery behind his death, and I am still learning and so open to learn more. In my studies in Aramaic of the Gnostic Gospels and Holy Scripture, Yeshua states that there is only one original sin: to live in separation as opposed to unity.

Yeshua´s teachings challenged the mainstream religions and political system. He was baptized through the sacraments of the Bridal Chamber by John the Baptist, which symbolically took him into Holy Matrimony with the Divine Mother. This Sacred Rite involved a commitment to return to the teachings of the Divine Feminine and to be reborn in the Womb of the Divine Mother, symbolizing the second birth, the true birth, as Son of the Abwoon, the Mother-Father. Just this first sacrament of the 5 included in the Bridal Chamber was a big threat to the powers in control.

It is said that as Yeshua gave up his spirit, an earthquake shook the ground and caused the temple Veil to rip in half from top to bottom:

"At that moment the Veil in the sanctuary of the Temple was torn in two, from top to bottom. The earth shook, rocks split apart, and tombs opened. The bodies of many godly men and women who had died were raised from the dead. They left the cemetery after Jesus’ resurrection, went into the holy city of Jerusalem, and appeared to many people." (Matthew 27:51-53)

The veil that Matthew speaks about symbolized a barrier between heaven and earth, behind which divine secrets were kept, known only to God. In the Temples, the Holy was separated from the Holy of Holies.

The prohibitive function of the veil placed restrictions upon worship. Worshipers in the old covenant were restricted in their access to God in the temple, and could not approach him at any time they chose. Only a high priest who was ritually pure and without defect could approach God or the objects directly related to worshiping him without being put to death.

Matthew speaks of Yeshua´s death as that of an innocent prophet who inaugurated the restoration of all things. These words make me shiver.

As many of you know, I follow the path of Mary Magdalene as Feminine Christ and our school has created a Holy Covenant with the teachings of the Divine Feminine that bring us into Holy Communion with the Mother-Father. This Mystical Hieros Gamos is a beautiful path of unity. I say this because now I can read passages from the Holy Scripture without the patriarchal vision taught to many of us. So please don´t feel offended if I quote from Holy Scripture, there is just so much beauty and power in the symbolism behind the STORIES. When I quote the word God, remember that Yeshua referred to God as the Abwoon, the Divine Mother – Father.

As Daughters and Sons of the Abwoon (Divine Mother-Father), we are here to restore and heal and bring a new wholeness. We come not with a desire to tear down the old with rage, but to forgive, mend, and celebrate the infinite possibilities of Creating with love. This is a powerful teaching of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

Let me go back to the story of the Temple. The Veil in the Temple that was torn in two means that there is no longer a physical barrier to God – Goddess. The angelic guardians that were summoned to protect this veil are disarmed, and we are blessed with a reentry into the Edenic presence of the Mother – Father.

This is the powerful Portal I am feeling now. As the Veil was torn in two, we are also tearing the internal veil of our inner temple to restore our direct relationship to the Mother – Father. I also feel that those saintly men and women who were raised from the dead are the powerful light beings who are allowing us to access so much information that is not written. Matthew states that they went into the Holy City of Jerusalem and appeared to many people. Mary Magdalene in her Ministry in France taught that Jerusalem was not a physical space, but an inner dwelling. As we awaken our inner Jerusalem, we awaken our ability to cultivate a relationship with these saintly men and women from different timelines and life times.

There is so much I can talk about within the Mission of Yeshua and his Divine Destiny. Let us take this day that was chosen to remember Yeshua´s brutal death on the cross in Calvary. What can this teach us today? We are no longer brutally killed for our beliefs, and can we be as Yeshua? Can we believe so much in the Power of the Soul, in the awakening of the soul, in the power of humanity when we are awakened? Can this be our own Passion? Can we commit to allowing time for ourselves so that we may have direct access to the Abwoon? And can we nurture our sacred partnership with the Divine?

Blessings on this powerful Easter Portal. May your Holy Friday bring you into the Holy of Holies that lies within you.

Abwoon D´bshmaya


Ana Otero

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