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Holy Friday Blessings

Holy Friday and Shabbat Blessings!

Yeshua Adonai, on this Holy Friday, we gather in solemn reverence to honor Your sacred passage, the Via Dolorosa—the path of suffering In each step taken with pain and each drop of sacred blood shed, we find the depth of Your commitment to humanity, to the will of Alaha, and to the unfolding of divine prophecy.

In the silence of our hearts, we contemplate the weight of false witness borne against You, leading to Your unjust condemnation. In the face of such betrayal, Your faith and acceptance illuminate the path of true humility and surrender. Yeshua, in Your fear and vulnerability, You showed us the strength that lies within complete trust in Alaha, embracing Your mission with a heart open to the ultimate sacrifice.

Today, we too seek to drink from the Cup of Alaha, inspired by Your example to fully embrace our own paths, however difficult they may be. Teach us to walk with courage and faith, to face our challenges with the grace You demonstrated on Your journey to Calvary. Let us find solace in Your vulnerability, understanding that in our weakest moments, we are open to the deepest connections with the Divine.

Yeshua, as we honor the Via Dolorosa, let us also remember the profound love that You embodied a love so vast it embraced even those who stood against You. Help us to cultivate such love in our own hearts, that we may see beyond the illusions of division, and recognize the sacredness in all beings.

May we receive You into our lives, not just today, but every day.

Bless us with the courage to face our fears, the humility to accept our vulnerabilities, and the strength to carry our crosses with grace. In honoring Your sacrifice, Yeshua, may we too learn to fully embrace our missions and prophecies, guided by Your light and love.

In Your holy name, we pray, Amein.

Thank you to all who were present in our Magdalene Easter Shabbat. My heart is filled with your presence.

Sunday is our Magdalene - Christ Easter Mass Community Gathering. This is an open Gathering, free of charge, the only exchange asked for is respect towards the teachings and participants.

CLICK HERE to register.

Sending love to all.


Ana Otero

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