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I am Complete. I am Whole. I am the Kingdom

"If those who lead you say to you, 'See, the kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you."

Gospel of Thomas

This passage from the Gospel of Thomas asks us to deeply consider our perceptions of the divine and the nature of spiritual truths. The kingdom, often visualized as a heavenly realm or a place of eternal serenity, is not just a distant, external reality; it exists within us, around us, and is intertwined with our very being.

In a world that often searches for external validations, this teaching urges us to turn our gaze inward. To think that salvation or enlightenment lies outside of ourselves distances us from our own innate divinity. By stating that if the kingdom were in the sky or the sea, then birds or fish would reach it before us, the teaching emphasizes the futility of searching for the divine in external realms.

These words in the Gospel of Thomas call for a profound personal introspection and a realization of our own potential. The "kingdom" is an inherent part of us, waiting to be realized, nurtured, and expressed.

This passage is also a call to recognize the sanctity of all existence. If the kingdom is both inside and outside of us, then everything around us—nature, other beings, and even inanimate objects—shares in this divinity. Such a perspective promotes respect, love, and unity, not just with fellow humans, but with all of existence.

In our daily lives, amidst the clamor for external achievements and validations, this teaching reminds us of the importance of inner reflection, meditation, and the pursuit of personal spiritual understanding. The journey to the divine is not a distant pilgrimage but a deep dive into our very souls.

As we find ourselves in the Age of Aquarius, the era of the Holy Spirit, it is paramount to recognize our inherent completeness. This age pushes us to remember our innate wholeness, drawing us closer to our own luminosity. It is in the depth of our being that we discover the infinite radiance of Alaha, of the Cosmic Intelligence, and of our own true essence.

In the Aramaic language, the term "Malkootah" (sometimes transliterated as "Malkutha" or "Malkuta") means "kingdom." Malkootah teaches us the following:

  1. Spiritual Sovereignty: In many religious and spiritual texts, the idea of "Malkootah" transcends the physical realm, pointing instead to a spiritual kingdom. This could be seen as the Divine dominion or realm where the Divine will is perfectly manifested. To live in "Malkootah" is to align one's life and will with that of the Divine, to live in harmony with the universal laws and principles.

  2. Inward and Outward Kingdom: The Aramaic understanding of "Malkootah" holds a dual dimension. Outwardly, it is the hope for a just society where divine principles reign, a world of peace, justice, and harmony. Inwardly, it speaks of the heart and soul's domain. In this intimate inner kingdom, a person experiences the Divine's direct governance, guidance, and presence.

  3. Eschatological Hope: The"Malkootah" of Alaha is not just a present spiritual reality but also a future hope. It signifies a time when Alaha's will shall be fully realized on earth as it is in heaven, as captured in the Lord's Prayer, which includes the plea, "Thy Kingdom (Malkootah) come."

  4. Transformation and Renewal: "Malkootah" also encompasses ideas of transformation, both personal and communal. To invite the "Malkootah" into our life is to allow for a process of spiritual renewal, an alignment of one's actions, thoughts, and intentions with the greater good and divine purpose.


You are not a fragment in this vast cosmos but a reflection of its entirety.

Are you feeling separation, weighed down by doubts, or enveloped in moments of change and confusion? Take a moment to pause. Breathe deeply, anchoring yourself in the present moment. It is in this sacred space of stillness and awareness that Shekhinah, will guide you. As the bridge to your soul and to Alaha, She is here to lead you back to the path of remembrance. A path where you will recall your sacred purpose and the boundless love from which you were birthed.

I warmly invite you to be part of The Desert Rose Mystery School's 40-day Magdalene-Yeshua Divine Union Global Meditation practice. As a gesture of unity and spiritual growth, this is a free community event, the only exchange we ask for is respect towards the teachings and the participants.

Our collective Magdalene - Yeshua Global Meditation for Divine Union starts on the 21st of September. Over these 40 days dedicate yourself to a practice that dives into love, remembrance, your life's mission, your deeper purpose, service to others, holistic healing, and the embrace of Divine Union. To be a part of this spiritual journey, CLICK HERE.

As we are journeying through the Days of the Whispered Breath, on the 24th of September, I am facilitating a Biblical Myrraphore Ritual for Purification. Spaces are almost filled up! Reserve your spot by registering HERE.

I hope to see you as well in the Aramaic Magdalene Rosary Community Gathering on the 22nd of September. Every month on the 22nd we meet in Sacred Community to embody the Magdalene Rosary in Aramaic. CLICK HERE to join us.

Sending love to all of you.


Ana Otero

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