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International Women´s Day Blessings

Happy International Women´s Day

Many years ago, I used to celebrate this day creating Temple Arts Performances with Poetry, Music, Dance, I really loved to offer the Power of Creation to Woman, as SHE represents life.

About 4 years ago I started to go low key on this day as the representations and celebrations on this day where I live were filled with violence and extremist views and even hatred and anger towards men.

In 2023, I again embrace this beautiful day, with Poetry, Music, Dance and Creation. As the rise of extreme mysogynistic groups starts to expand, I can feel the terror that many women felt in past generations, even Men and Children that did not fit in to the norm of what behaviour and expression was expected from them.

Yeshua embraced the power of WOMANHOOD during his Ministry. There is an account in sacred scripture where he goes to Martha and Mary Magdalene. Martha is serving him and taking care of his basic needs. Mary Magdalene is sitting on the floor, next to his feet, absorbing his teachings. When Martha complains, Yeshua simply says, why are you complaining, she has chosen one path and you have chosen another. Yeshua valued the right to choose and the right to follow the Path of our Soul with our unique gifts.

As Women we have the divine potential and responsibility to become spiritual leaders in our homes and communities. As Women evolve into the true nature of WOMAN, we are learning to reclaim the hidden aspects of our nature which are our true power: longing, beauty, our merging with the cycles of the earth, our capacity to receive and be open, to nourish, to purify, to recognize the sacredness of life, live life in community, recognizing our equality, and of course, working with the MYSTERY OF CREATIVE SPACE.

These gifts granted to WOMAN may not seem like power in the traditional patriarchal view, yet the more we live these aspects consciously, the more we will come to know that these are tremendous forces of sustenance and change.

Many contemporary spiritual teachings place emphasis on the Beingness of the Power of Women, yet this beingness is not something passive, sedentary or restrictive. This Beingness is transformative and creative and a powerful force of change. This beingness is courage, perseverance and wisdom. This Beingness is Infinity and our true nature of Light of Creation. This Beingness is the essence of the Creation Codes of Mother Eve.

Much of our nature as WOMEN is essentially hidden. Our light has its roots in the darkness of the unknown. We are the darkness that is home to the light. We are the guardians of the Sanctity of life. We are the SOUND of creation that is revealed through the whispers of our own voices.

I ultimately believe in a world where all of us are valued as Humans, not the gender we choose to incarnate in, and where equality and equity are the norms of every day life, and yet I honor the qualities and teachings that are expressed through the different Temple Vehicles we choose in our lifetimes.

May all women join hands in creating the sacred circle, in creating this New Humanity with the Authentic Feminine Voice. May all women rise in their POWER WITHIN, may all women join Sacred Intentionts to heal all women, men, children, animals, the Planet. May we learn, Dear Women, to guide and heal our men in the creation of this new humanity. May we learn, as carriers of the ancestral ways, to gather the memories of our strengths and sisterhood and ignite the flame that will rekindle our spirits and take what is remembered to the Woman we are recreating in each and every one of us. When we honor Women, we honor men, because both Men and Women are born from WOMAN.

Happy International Woman´s Day.

Sending love to all of you.


Ana Otero

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