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John the Baptist and The Avalon Rose

Yesterday, at the end of our Sophianic Kabbalah class, we chose the following cards: John the Baptist and the Avalon Rose. I decided to leave the spread as is on my altar space as the message was so beautiful. John the Baptist in connection to the Yesod symbolizes the purification of our sacred sexual energy so as to receive the upper waters of creation through the presence of the Rucha D´Kudsha (The Holy Spirit). Mary Magdalene as the Rose of Avalon represents the deep healing of waters that are connected to the Pleiades, as there is anAvalon - Tenerife connection which represents the Tarenam, the heart chakra of the Hathors. The coming together of these two cards gives us the following message:

In the state of emptiness, we create a sacred space that allows the divine to flow through us, cleansing and renewing our sacred energies. This state of receptivity and openness is fundamental for the alchemical union of the divine masculine and feminine within us. By releasing burdens and stagnant energies, we facilitate the integration of polarized aspects of our being, leading us to a higher state of consciousness and a profound spiritual awakening. This process invites us to embrace both light and shadow, recognizing the totality of our existence.

The purification represented by John the Baptist is an act of preparation. It helps us clear the way to receive the higher vibrations of the Rucha D’Kudsha, the Holy Spirit, which descends as a gentle stream of grace, elevating our frequencies and opening our hearts to the direct experience of the divine. This purification is a release of the old, of limiting patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us, and a call to be reborn in a new way of being, more aligned with our spiritual essence.

Meanwhile, the healing waters of Mary Magdalene act as a balm for our soul. They guide us through emotional and spiritual restoration, helping us heal deep wounds and reconnect with our intuitive and compassionate nature. Mary Magdalene, as the Rose of Avalon, symbolizes the ability to transform pain into wisdom, and confusion into clarity. Her waters invite us to dive into the depths of our emotions, finding within them the regenerative power that allows us to be reborn with a new perspective and a renewed sense of purpose.

We must remember the importance of being gentle with ourselves and others during this transformative process. Self-compassion and patience are key as we navigate these profound changes. Taking moments to meditate, connect with nature, and nourish our soul becomes an essential practice. Meditation, Reflection and prayer center us and connects us with inner stillness, while nature offers us a space to breathe and realign with the natural rhythms of life.

We are not alone. We are accompanied by the loving guidance of spiritual beings, ascended masters, and the divine presence in all its forms. The alchemical union of the divine masculine and feminine within us is a sacred dance that reflects the union of heaven and earth, the human and the divine, leading us to a state of wholeness and spiritual fulfillment.

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Ana Otero

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