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John the Baptist Feast Day

Channeling John the Baptist

Today I come to deliver a message of messianic prophecy. In my time on Earth as Eliyahu I delivered the Prophecy of the Coming of Yeshua as Christ and as Teacher to humanity. In my earthly time as John the Baptist I came eye to eye, soul to soul, to initiate Yeshua, my brother cousin, into the Baptismal Waters of the Divine Mother. For he knew that he had been chosen as the Christ and the moment I infused him with the Holy Spirit he fully accepted his Divine Destiny.

Today I come to you to deliver the prophecy of the Christed Feminine as Mary Magdalene. She is birthing herself through those who are open to receive her and through those who are remembering their Christ Mission here on the Planet.

Today the Divine Feminine as Mary Magdalene Breathes on you to bring illumination to every moment in your life. Pause for a moment, close your eyes and go within to feel HER PRESENCE. Feel her presence as the burning Flame inside of your heart. As I speak these words and you listen to them, Mary Magdalene is igniting the Burning Flame to bring the Life Force back to your Heart. When your flame is ignited you again have the thirst to reach upward, like a candle that wants to detach from the wick. As your Flame expands and explodes into the Christ awareness you will start to be more present in your body, inviting the divine essence of who you are and of all existence into your vessel. You are here to co-create with the Divine Mother, it is she who gives you access to the pure potentiality of all creation.

I ask that you create space to detach from all external and attach to the infinite fountain of love within you. As you go inward you will start to realize that you are infinite and this knowing will allow you the Space to receive the Feminine Christ within you.

I too knew Mary Magdalene as Yeshua did, we worked united for many years giving our service to those who seeked the Divine Mother, for those who wanted to remember their TRUTH. It is through her anointing that you can bring SOUL AND SPIRIT together activating the Human Warrior of Light. Mary Magdalene speaks the Shin and the Mem, the total uniting of the Fire and the Water.

On this day of the Equinox, a day deeply celebrated in our Community, the Temple OF THE DIVINE MOTHER has now been fully activated on Earth and the Queen has been restored to her throne.

Since the beginning of time, the world has been waiting for your incarnation. Now you are here, and Mary Magdalene also asks that you be restored to your throne. Awaken the Power of the I am Presence, of the true love that you are, and release yourself from the slavery of the now and of so many life times. YOU ARE A PERFECT CREATION. In our language that we spoke, perfect means complete, and as a child of the Abwoon, you are complete.

In the next few weeks you will experience the fall of many false beliefs that you have carried for so many lifetimes. Allow this fall, you have to dissolve into nothingness to understand again that you are everything.

John the Baptist

Channeled by Ana Otero

May we always know that we are loved and held by the Mother Father.

Abwoon D´bshmaya


Ana Otero

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