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John the Baptist Message

Beloved seekers of the light and truth, hear my call to return to the waters of purity and renewal. I, John the Baptist, Keeper of the flowing waters of the Jordan, extend a message to you. May my words reach into the depths of your soul.

This is a call to purify your sacred sexual energy, the divine force that binds you to the very essence of creation, and through this purification, to open your hearts to receive the Shamayim, the heavenly waters of creation.

Your sacred sexual energy is a gift, a powerful source of life, creativity, and spiritual connection. Yet, like the rivers that can be clouded, and stagnant this energy too can become obscured by misuse, misunderstanding, and neglect. It is time to return to the sanctity of this divine force, to cleanse and honor it, not as a source of temptation, but as a sacred channel through which the divine speaks, creates, and loves.

Begin by acknowledging the divine within you, recognizing your body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. Engage in practices that honor this temple—meditation, prayer, and acts of love and kindness that resonate with the purity of your soul. As you cleanse your intentions and actions, you cleanse your sacred sexual energy, allowing it to flow freely and in harmony with the divine will.

In doing so, you prepare yourself to receive the Shamayim, the celestial waters that cleanse, heal, and rejuvenate. These are the waters of the highest heavens, flowing with the essence of divine love and creation, ready to descend upon those whose hearts are pure, whose intentions are aligned with the divine purpose.

Let this be a time of renewal, a time to reclaim the sanctity of your sacred sexual energy, transforming it into a vessel for divine love and creativity. As the waters of the Jordan cleansed those who came with humble hearts, so too may the heavenly waters of creation cleanse and fill you, bringing forth new life, new understanding, and a deeper connection to the divine source of all.

Walk in the light of this purity, and live a consecrated life, honoring the divine creative force within you. The path is clear, the waters await—immerse yourself in the Shamayim, and be reborn in the spirit of divine love and creation.

John the Baptist

Channeled by Ana Otero


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