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John the Baptist Message: Your Ability to Choose

Beloved beings of the Earth, I extend the grace of the Divine to each of you, for you are all cherished beings of Light. Remember always that Light is eternally triumphant over darkness. Even when shadows gather, they are but fleeting. They are only cast by the obstruction of Light and when the obstruction moves, the Light prevails again. Let this be a metaphor for your life's challenges. When darkness falls upon you, let your inner Light illuminate the path ahead.

In my time on Earth, I spent many days and nights in the wilderness, fasting and meditating. This was not merely a physical journey, but a spiritual one. It was in the silence of the desert that I found clarity and communion with the celestial beings. Angels whispered divine wisdom into my ears, guiding me on my path, strengthening my resolve and purpose.

These experiences have taught me the power of purification and transmutation. The concept is not exclusive to physical sustenance, but also applies deeply to your emotional, mental, and indeed, your sexual energies. Purity does not imply repression or denial, rather it calls for a divine understanding, appreciation, and utilization of these energies.

The energy of creation, which is inherent in your sexual energy, is not to be misused or misunderstood. It is a powerful force of life that when honored and respected, brings forth miracles. This energy can be purified, elevated, and transmuted to higher states, fueling your spiritual ascension and manifesting divine love and joy in your lives.

To practice this transmutation, you must cultivate a deep respect for yourself and for others. Detach from lustful desires and instead, form connections that elevate your spiritual self, fostering genuine companionship and unity.

In your earthly realm, 'Satan' is often understood as the embodiment of evil, a force of darkness and temptation. However, I urge you to perceive this energy not as an entity but as a symbolic representation of your free will, your ability to choose between higher and lower paths. It is the tempter that pushes you to question, to challenge, and ultimately to grow, leading you back to the Light through the crucible of our own choices.

Remember, you are here on Earth for a divine purpose. Your journey is not merely to exist, but to evolve, to learn, and to ascend. Purification, be it through fasting, meditation, or transmutation of your energies, is the process through which you will shed the layers of your lower selves to embrace our divine essence.

Hear these words with an open heart, and let them guide you on your path. And remember always, even in your darkest hour, the Light within you remains steadfast, ready to illuminate your way. Fear not the shadows, for you are born of Light, and to Light, you shall always return. Yohanan the Baptizer

Channeled by Ana Otero


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