Libra Full Moon and Nissan Celebration

Ahava and Blessings to All!

We are coming close to a Full Moon in Libra which will happen on the 28th of March. A year ago we first started this zodiac cycle as well in March of 2020. The world is now so different. We have all changed, evolved and grown.

This Full Moon will support us finding a balance between the old state of what once was and the new state of what could be. We have the opportunity to unite the ancestral wisdom with the new wisdom that we are co-creating and this is also an opportunity to bring into the new whatever is from the Old World which is higly needed in the New World. Yes, this is the New World.

On this Full Moon, Venus, Chiron and the sun will be aligned ant the Moon and will also make a beautiful triangle configuration to Saturn and Mars. This is a soft energy that will allow us to open up into our authenticity and vulnerability.

A Triangle Configuration is known as a Grand Trine and this one we will be experiencing will give us the strength to push forward what we are bring in that is new and also we will receive a REWARD from Saturn if we have been doing the HARD WORK.

The other day I had a beautiful conversation with a friend of mine who is a Priest. I met this man when I lived in Cairo and we hadn´t spoken in quite a while. The pandemic brought us together again and I find his conversations enligtening. I asked him:: How do you express your relationship with God - Goddess? He answered that he expresses his relationship with Order, Structure, Routine and Prayer. Such a Saturnian answer! The beauty of this answer can bring us to understand that through the expression of all the zodiacal archetypes and planets we can come to understand a harmonious relationship with the Cosmic Intelligence. This is Libra, the search for balance and the allowing for ALL THAT IS to have a place and an expression in our lives.

Full Moons represent harvest and completion points, and I feel that this Full Moon is a Graduation Point. Celebrate all that you have achieved and learned and let us open up to the waters of beauty, harmony, balance that Libra will be pouring down on us.

This is also the celebration of Nissan, the Passover, which happens around the first Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox (Northern Hemisphere).. Nissan has a Babylonian origin, and the Aramaic word Nissan is related to the Hebrew word, nitzan, meaning bud. In Song of Songs, King Solomon's epic poem in which he depicts the love that bonds us to God, redemption is symbolically referred to as "the time that the buds were seen in our land," which means that the inarticulate earth gave birth to a people who soon would flower. This is so beautiful as we are a new people, a new earth.