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Magdalene Shabbat Message. Consecration

“Every nature, every modeled form, every creature, exists in and with each other.'"

Gospel of Mary Magdalene

Everything in the natural world and beyond is linked in a vast, intricate web. Our actions, thoughts, and deeds affect not only ourselves but also everything around us.

Each one of us contains within the reflection of the whole.

The journey of self-awareness requires us to acknowledge and integrate both our luminous and shadowy parts. Recognizing that both aspects exist "in and with each other" within us can help bring about wholeness and integration. The light can illuminate the darkness, and the shadow can provide depth to the light.

As we journey inward, we might find that embracing both our light and shadow rather than resisting or denying either leads to profound transformation. The shadow, when understood and integrated, can become a source of strength and wisdom.

We must remember that our journey through the realms of duality is, in fact, leading us back to a singular point of unity and oneness.

The Aramaic phrase "Shlam D´Alma Gnaya" speaks to leading a sanctified, holy life. By immersing ourselves in intentional rituals of consecration, we invite this energy to permeate our existence, making us living embodiments of the prayer. In this era of spiritual elevation, mastery becomes imperative. We are called to hone both our minds and bodies to resonate with the energies of cosmic wisdom. Our dedication to practice is not just vital but also the very tool that carves out our consecrated life.

You can watch the video below for the Magdalene Shabbat Message.

September 10th we gather for the Magdalene Pulse 4 Workshop Series: Devotional Frame Drumming, Sacred Songs, Teachings of the Feminine Christ Mary Magdalene. CLICK HERE.

Sending so much love.


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