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Magdalene Shabbat Message: Kallah Messiah

Ahava and Blessings on this Shabbat Day!

I am back in my Temple Space after travelling and I am slowly grounding into the present moment.

The month of Tevet - Capricorn has been very powerful and I am looking forward into journeying through the month of Shvat - Aquarius, ready to receive the ligh!

The Desert Rose Sacred Journey Planner will be available on the Eve of the 10th of January, celebrating the new Lunar Month of Shevat - Aquarius. After the Eve of the 10th of January, it will no longer be available for purchase.

The first words of the Desert Rose Sacred Journey Planner are the following:

Welcome to the 2024 Desert Rose Sacred Journey Planner. But first, let's explore the significance of the Desert Rose. This unique bloom, also known as the Rose of Sharon, holds a special place in the history of the Middle East. Contrary to popular belief, traditional roses were not native to the region during the times of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. Instead, the Rose of Sharon, thriving in desert conditions, was the emblematic rose of that era. This flower is deeply connected to Yeshua and symbolizes the Holy Spirit.

Our Sacred Journey Planner for 2024 is steeped in the teachings and essence of the Rose of Sharon. For those who choose to embrace the oil of this sacred flower as your guiding scent for the year, there is an opportunity to deeply connect with the wisdom and spiritual transmissions of the Desert Rose. This planner serves as more than just a tool for organization; it is a guide designed to help you align your daily life with the profound teachings of Aramaic Creation Spirituality, interwoven with the rich tapestries of Christian and Hebrew Mysticism.

Thank you for joining me on this sacred journey. Your presence and participation make our collective exploration into these ancient wisdoms all the more meaningful.

If you would like to purchase the Desert Rose Sacred Journey Planner for 2024 CLICK HERE.

Below you can listen to a short and sweet Magdalene Shabbat Message.

Sending so much love.


Ana Otero

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