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Manifestation through Presence

We tend to experience detachment as a decision based on not to be emotionally involved with someone or something, a kind of distancing ourselves from the outcome. We tend to experience attachment as a dependency or a need or want that must be satisfied when we do something. Many times we attach to the outcome of how we want something to be manifested. Detachment seems to be a form of separation and attachment a needs based on lack.

In the Gospel of Thomas we can read the Following:

“When you can see a new hand in place of a hand, and a new foot in place of a foot ... and when you can see your true image, then shall you enter the Kingdom.”

Attachment is actually a state of becoming disconnected from the state of being present. The Aramaic word for sin is Kheetha, and it actually means becoming disconnected from the state of Being present. This disconnection brings us into a state of total separation. So, when we feel the need to detach from something or someone in the sense of distancing, we are actually creating a separation. We say many times when we are working with manifestation: Detach from the outcome. But what is the first thing we do when we want to detach from the outcome? We distance ourselves, we try to let go and not think about it at all.

The opposite of presence is distance, if detachment is presence, why are we distancing ourselves from our Holy Desires?

When we are completely present in all that we do, whether it be praying, cooking, working, loving, walking, driving, we truly experience detachment because we are in the awareness of the creative channel. Being completely present links past, present and future into one reality and that reality is pure creation. This is the power of manifestation and this is what Thomas speaks about when he sees a new hand in place of a hand. We have the ability to see something in new ways when we embody this presence. We also have the ability to allow grace to bring to us the totality of our Holy Desire because our mind only knows and can define a small part of what we are truly called to deliver in each moment and in our different journeys.

Remember that Alaha (Divine Mother - Father / Source) is pure energy and creative love. Let us focus today on being present and manifesting love, empathy and creation.

Sending you so much love.


Ana Otero

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