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Manifesting and Receiving. Week 7 of the Omer

Week 7 - Correcting the Sefira of Malchut

The Last Week of the Omer: Learning to Receive and Manifest

As we enter the final week of the Omer, focusing on the Sefira of Malchut, we are invited to engage deeply with the energy of physical manifestation and material reality. Malchut represents the culmination of all previous Sefirot, where abstract spiritual energies solidify into tangible form. By following the intentions set for each day of this week, we can learn to receive and manifest the Light in our lives in profound ways.

Day 43, June 5: Loving-kindness in Nobility

Intention: Service to Others

  • Lesson: Embracing the consciousness of service allows us to become vessels for the Light. By prioritizing the needs of others we open ourselves to receiving divine blessings. True nobility lies in selflessness, which transforms our capacity to give and receive. The word AHAVA is extremely connected to Nobility in the Physical Dimension. AHAVA means love in service, love in action, it is a conscious decision to show up and to transcend even the most difficult patterns that try to sabotage the sharing of our true light.

Day 44, June 6: Discipline in Nobility

Intention: Thoughtful Communication

  • Lesson: Practicing disciplined communication ensures that our words are aligned with truth, love, and receptivity. By considering the impact of our words and speaking only when it is beneficial, we create an environment conducive to positive energy flow. This mindfulness in our interactions teaches us to receive feedback and insights with an open heart.

Just yesterday I was spending time with our beautiful horses and observing their communication towards me. I loved the way I could truly feel what they were saying when I remained completely quiet and present in the moment. On this day, let us practice silence so we can have the Ears to hear (as Yeshua said) and so we may choose with wisdom, caring and grace, every word that we say.

Day 45, June 7: Compassion in Nobility

Intention: Balanced Judgment

  • Lesson: Cultivating a balance between mercy and judgment, helps us to act with both strength and kindness. This balance is essential for manifesting our intentions in the physical world. It teaches us to receive situations with a balanced perspective, enabling us to respond with compassion and clarity.

When there is too much judgment in our lives, we become a closed chanel, as we do not allow room for growth and expansion. We start to become dictators of our own life. Mercy is forgiveness, compassion, flexibility, understanding. Let us bring a balance in our lives towards us and others.

Day 46, June 8: Endurance in Nobility

Intention: Positive Affirmation

  • Lesson: By affirming the positive in every situation, even in the face of adversity, we prevent negativity from taking hold. This practice builds resilience, enabling us to manifest our goals despite challenges. Believing in the inherent positivity of our experiences empowers us to receive life's lessons gracefully.

We tend to stop when things get difficult, we tend to get into a victim mentality. Challenges support our growth and they are here to also test just how willing we are to use our creativity to create solutions for our challenges.

Day 47, June 9: Humility in Nobility

Intention: Reflective Gratitude

  • Lesson: Reflecting on our journey and recognizing our growth brings humility and gratitude. Acknowledging our journey allows us to receive future blessings with an open and humble heart, understanding that each step prepares us for greater Light.

Everything we have, past - present - future, comes from Alaha. These our blessings. What we own is the action needed to bring the blessings in.

Day 48, June 10: Bonding in Nobility

Intention: Responsibility and Forgiveness

  • Lesson: Taking responsibility for our actions and shedding victimhood helps us bond with our true purpose. By letting go of past grievances, we clear the way for new opportunities. This cleansing process teaches us to receive new beginnings and manifest our potential without the burden of past negativity.

Take time today to truly forgive yourself. Let go of the past and see the wisdom learned. You are who you are thanks to all of your experiences.

Day 49, June 11: Nobility in Nobility

Intention: Sealing Transformation

  • Lesson: Meditating on our transformation over the past 49 days allows us to solidify the changes within us. We are now new vessels ready to manifest the blessings we have received.

The counting of the Omer requires a commitment, and you have committed. In truth the cosmic intelligence sees the AHAVA, and once that AHAVA is manifested through us, we align with the purpose of the Light, which is the Garden of Eden.

Learning to Receive and Manifest

Following the intentions of the last week of the Omer teaches us that receiving and manifesting are deeply interconnected processes. Service, thoughtful communication, balanced judgment, positive affirmation, reflective gratitude, responsibility, and transformation are not just actions but states of being that prepare us to receive divine Light. As we embody these qualities, we align ourselves with the flow of spiritual energy, enabling us to manifest our deepest longing and purpose in the material world.

Learning this process of receiving and manifesting is exactly that I teach in the Creating Soul Mentorship. I offer this only once a year to a very small group, which is almost filled up. If you would like to journey into a Higher Dimension of your Soul Expression and and Purpose, CLICK HERE to read more information.

Remember that the journey through Malchut helps us understand that receiving is not passive; it is an active engagement with the divine. Receiving is AHAVA, it is love in action, love in service.

Reflection and Practice

  • Service: Engage in acts of kindness and service, following the example of true leadership.

  • Criticism: Ensure that your words are truthful, loving, and likely to be received well.

  • Balance: Strike a balance between mercy and judgment in your interactions.

  • Accept Challenges: Challenges remind us that we are ready for a higher dimension of our Soul expression. We must go through them with grace and creativity. The challenge is actually our teacher.

  • Gratitude: Recognize and appreciate all that you are and have..

  • Responsibility: Own your journey and cleanse yourself of negativity.

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Sending love to all of you.


Ana Otero

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