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Mary Magdalene: You are Eternal

Ahava and Blessings

Below is the Message I shared from Mary Magdalene today in our Full Moon Epiphany Community Gathering.

Blessings to you.

If you truly wish to see and hear, if you truly wish to remove the veil, you must start by remembering that deep within your being you are the eternal, you are oneness, you are joy, you are creation.

Banish the fear from your mind, banish the sense of separation, for the eternal one is always with you. A frightened person remains a slave to his or her limitations. Remove these limitations and claim your true sovereignty.

When you remove these limitations you will come to see that the most important part of loving yourself is taking responsibility for yourself, your actions, your words, your decisions. When you take responsibility of yourself you will know what your needs are in the daily world to accomplish your purpose here. Everyone has a purpose, yet you must detatch from the idea of thinking that your happiness depends on what you think your purpose is, as your purpose is to be you, freed from bondage, freed from the imposed limitations. When your soul can breath through you, this is when you are living life within your consecrated body temple and serving humanity with your truth.

Give up the idea of becoming someone or something. When you are stripped down and are emptied, you will truly see who you are and your Soul will guide you in the next steps that you must take on your Human Journey. Follow the path of the Soul and she will lead you to the mountain you must climb to realise that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero


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