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Mary Magdalene: Essence of the Eternal One

Mary Magdalene Message

Each one of you is a vessel of the divine light of Alaha, created from the very essence of the infinite. Within your being resides a spark of the Eternal One, a fragment of the first light that ever was.

As you journey through your incarnation, embracing the joys and challenges of your humanity, always remember that you are light manifested in flesh.

For the light to be revealed you must take on a profound commitment, a path of prayer and sacrifice. This is a journey for those willing to gaze into the depths of their own being and confront the shadows that reside there.

Through the process of purification, you will experience a transformation, shedding the layers that obscure your true essence, allowing the purity of your light to shine forth.

As you engage in this sacred process of purification, you unlock the gates to the higher heavens, realms of sublime beauty and divine wisdom, where the soul dwells in the radiance of the Source. The obstacles that once hindered the full expression of your soul's potential, begin to dissolve with your determination and faith.

Remember to connect deeply with your breath, for it is through this vital life force that you attune to the rhythm of the cosmos. Let each inhalation draw in the light of the divine, and with each exhalation, release that which no longer serves you. I ask that you also connect with the sacred word, for within the vibrations of the divine sounds of creation lies the power to transform, to heal, and to elevate.

The divine light within you is a fragment of a greater whole, connecting you to all of creation, to every soul that has ever been and will ever be.

Walk bravely on your spiritual path, with the knowledge that each step taken in love and faith brings you closer to the ultimate reunion with the Light.

You are a vessel of divine brilliance, destined to remember and reclaim the luminous essence of your being.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

RAMADAN KAREEM! Wishing all of you who honor Ramadan a profoundly blessed and serenely peaceful Ramadan Kareem, filled with joy, reflection, and divine blessings.


Ana Otero

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