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Mary Magdalene: Abundance and Humility

Mary Magdalene Message

Blessings to you. Today I come to you with a message of the Sacred Technology Abundance. Did you know that Humility is the greatest sign of wisdom and abundance? For a very long time you have associated Humility with being simple, poor and not valuing who you are. Humility is just understanding that you own nothing in this world and that all that you have been given is to make your mission on Earth successful. And you may ask yourself, but I am not living my mission? You are living your Mission in every moment if you are living from the space of the heart. The heart in essence is empty because it is infinite and humility brings you into a space of emptiness. When you are humble you can experience and manifest great things in your life as your magnificence constantly expands. Your magnificence expands because you are living from your heart space. The heart is the center of your existence and it is where energetic sacred space is cultivated. Your soul is rooted in this infinite sacred space. Here you know that you have the ability to go beyond yourself. You may see limits in your physical experience, but in truth you are spaceless. Humility helps you tap into this spaceless infinity. Here is where true Abundance lies. When you truly know that nothing belongs to you and step into your selfless service, you will be given all of the Miracles of Abundance.

Humility is also the cultivation of respect for the creative energy of the universe. There are limitless resources that exist on the psycho-spiritual plane. Ideas, innovation, inspiration and creativity are infinite.

The innate tendency of nature and of life is to manifest, grow, create and become more. Life doesn´t want more. Life naturally creates more. This is your true nature.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero


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