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Mary Magdalene and Her Incarnated Light

The journey of the souls of Tzaddikim—the enlightened beings who have realized their true nature—teaches us about the perpetual cycle of spiritual awakening and liberation. These realized souls, having achieved a profound union with the Infinite Light, often choose to reincarnate across generations. Their purpose? The sacred process of the enlightenment and liberation of humanity.

Once awakened within their incarnations, these souls engage in myriad acts of spiritual support and divine intervention. They operate not just in the physical realm but also through their 'angel' or 'body of glory,' extending their influence into the astral and spiritual dimensions. Here, they dispense blessings and disseminate sparks of their soul’s light, aiding in the spiritual elevation of others.

 Mary Magdalene, divine embodiment of the light, carried within her the Soul of the Messiah, manifesting the fullness of the Shekinah in union with Adonai Yeshua. Her spirit transcends the confines of a single lifetime. Across generations, Mary Magdalene continues to incarnate, imbuing both women and men with the luminous sparks of her soul, blessing and elevating them in profound ways.

This capacity for spiritual initiation, blessing, and the transmission of light is not limited to the physical presence of these holy and enlightened ones. Their profound connection with the Holy Shekinah, the Holy Spirit, empowers them to transcend physical limitations. They can initiate, bless, and transmit spiritual light to those who hold faith and love in their hearts, regardless of the physical distance or the likelihood of a personal physical encounter in this worldly existence.

The divine work of enlightenment and liberation continues infinitely, facilitated by the boundless love and commitment of the Tzaddikim. Their presence and influence, though sometimes unseen, are a hope and a source of profound spiritual upliftment for all souls journeying towards reintegration with the Infinite Light.

When the high holy beings take on human form, their souls disperse, casting sparks across various incarnations. This sophisticated process mirrors a celestial distribution of divine essence, where fragments of their profound spiritual consciousness are seeded into humanity. In this present moment, as Mary Magdalene leads the celestial army of light—mirroring the earthly leadership of the prophetess Deborah—her soul's sparks weave through humanity, touching those ready to embrace her presence.

These sparks of Mary Magdalene's soul consciousness are not static; they are dynamic and ever-expanding forces of enlightenment. As we open our hearts, minds, and bodies to her essence, these sparks gain strength, radiating more expansively and intensely. The condition for receiving this sacred infusion is purity—a purity that encompasses the entirety of our being, fostering a receptacle for the divine light she embodies. Our bodies are the Vessel.

The expansion of these sparks signifies a collective awakening, a universal shift towards higher consciousness activated by Mary Magdalene. As more of us attune ourselves to her essence, the network of awakened souls grows, creating a stronger, infinitely expanding web of spiritual light.

The spread of Mary Magdalene's soul sparks serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of all beings and the shared journey towards enlightenment. As we open ourselves to the possibility of receiving these sparks, we participate in the cosmic dance of creation and awakening. Through this divine communion, we not only draw closer to Mary Magdalene's essence but also to the universal light and love that she represents, moving ever closer to the realization of our true spiritual nature.

Bless your relationship by saying in Aramaic: B'shema d'Maryam, ana masar habbi u'tahari. (In the name of Mary, I offer my love and purity).

Blessings to all of you on this day.

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Ana Otero

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