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Mary Magdalene as the Holy Bride

In the mystical tradition of Gnostic Christianity, Mary Magdalene is known as the Holy Bride. She is the feminine incarnation of the Anointed One (the Christ), bringing balance and harmony to the masculine aspect of God, in this case represented by Yeshua. She received the grace of Shekinah and therefore is the Cosmic Virgin.

Ana: How can I become the Sacred Bride?

Mary Magdalene: In order to once again receive the presence of Shekinah in Union and become the Holy Bride, it is necessary to do the Shabbat, the daily practice every day. The body and the mind need this ritual so that you can return to your soul. This act seduces Shekinah and you immediately become her beloved children.

Ana: Mary Magdalene, tell me about her expression.

María Magdalena: She is like the dove when you feel purity and inspiration. She is a snake when the fire of your creativity is awakened. She is Dragon when your physical body feels sexual and connected to Earth. It is only she who blesses you with the abundance of being a Human - Divine.

Ana Otero: How do you feel about Shekinah's exile today?

Mary Magdalene: Shekinah has been in exile for a long time and now returns to humanity through me. I will teach you the way of unification and the return to life of the spirit. Purity and liberation from karmas is part of the ascension of humanity and the more you let go as humanity, the more space Shekinah has to inhabit you.

Many humans continue in separation and it is what they choose from their free will, so you who are light workers have to be strong and live this Devotional life. In the difficult times ahead, Shekinah's lovers will survive.

Channeled by Ana Otero

Writing taken from book Conversations with Mary Magdalene written by Ana Otero


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