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Mary Magdalene Channeling: The Fullness of your Being

Beloved souls,

Empty yourself from the illusions, the false beliefs that have shrouded your true essence. Let go of the layers that have concealed the radiant vessel that you inherently are. You were exquisitely crafted to receive the light and the infinite blessings of Alaha. Remember, your incarnation, inscribed in your book of life, is not a random passage but a purposeful journey, scripted with divine intention.

Here and now, you are called to unveil the fullness of your being. Embrace the divine feminine presence, let it be breathed into your very core. In this sacred inhalation, you will awaken to the memory of your origin – the divine union template of the Garden of Eden. It is within this sacred remembrance that your true nature lies.

Release the fears that bind you, let go of the doubts that cloud your path, and liberate yourself from the expectations that weigh heavily upon your heart. Cease the constant anticipation of what comes next. Instead, immerse yourself in the present moment, the eternal now, where the essence of creation pulses and thrives.

In this space of pure being, devoid of the relentless pursuit of the future, you will find the profound peace and understanding that you seek. It is here, in the stillness of now, where you encounter the true rhythm of creation – a rhythm that dances to the beat of divine love and infinite possibilities.

So, I urge you, beloved ones, to just be. Be in the presence of creation, in the heart of the divine dance. As you do, you will find that you are not just partaking in the dance – you are the dance itself, a glorious expression of divine love and cosmic harmony.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

Wishing all of you Shabbat Blessings.


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2 kommentarer

So deep and profound, thank you my dear sister for being a channel of the Highest Love. I see you. I honor you and the message you deliver. Cristina xxx



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