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Mary Magdalene Channeling. Awakening

You are spiritual by nature, not by actions or behaviour. You do not enter the Kingdom of Heaven as a reward for obeying the rules, you enter when you recognize the Kingdom of Heaven as your HOME living eternally within you. You reach salvation by BEING who you truly are as soul self and when you identify the Christ within, the Universal Consciousness which is your essence, you serve Alaha, the Divine Mother Father, in a new way, THE WAY OF THE SOUL WHO IS IN A SACRED PARTNERSHIP WITH THE DIVINE.

As a physical body you are in the cosmos, but as Consciousness the cosmos dwells within you. The Mystical Marriage is about merging the human experience with the Mystery you contain within. The Mystery contained within you awakens the memory of the Wisdom you hold past, present and future.The Eternal Wisdom of Alaha. Yet the nature of Mystery is LOVE. YOU ARE LOVE, Love is the Mystery that becomes aware of the Mystery, so dive deep in the depths of your being and fall in love with your Soul Self.

The state of awakening is not just one moment, it is a process of continually awakening to deeper levels of Soul-discovery. The ongoing process of awakening is both the action of purification and self examination along with BEING the eternal love essence that you are. When transformation leads to transcendence, you will no longer need to create models of reality because you are scared of life. You will live the Mystery, allowing life to continually surprise you with the changes your soul needs to manifest the Infinite Being that you are.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero


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