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Mary Magdalene Channeling. Awakening Wisdom

The Chochma, the Divine Feminine Presence, holds her hand out to you and asks that you experience her so She may be physically real and visible in your life. Your body is her living temple. Her Holy Living Breath moves through you, matching your breath so perfectly that each pulse, each inhale and exhale, becomes the Divine Dance of Sacred Union. As you serve her, she gifts your willingness and intention with a great source of Knowing that lies deep within you.

In the process of your Transformation, your physical incarnation must recognize and surrender to Spirit. By doing this, your physical matter, your incarnation, will transform once again into its essence, which is Light, and return to the full embrace of the Spirit.

In this space your consciousness is expanded and the arc line of your heart opens further, allowing you to give out more love which will take you to be even more immersed in the Light. Your personality will become one with your soul and this merging facilitates a greater expression of the sacred in your life. This state is a continuous process.

Although many aspects and people of The world you live in will continually want to make you believe that you are only a separate individuality, you can now relax. As you hear my words, you hold the knowing that you are part of and an expression of Oneness.

If you ever feel exiled from your inner unity, always remember that it is the Divine Feminine Presence that will bring you back to oneness. She is the word made flesh, the movement of the one into the many, the liberation from the illusion of separation.

She is the Elixir of the Holy fire.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero


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