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Mary Magdalene Channeling. Divine Light - Divine Darkness

Blessings to you. Today I come to you with the teachings of the Noohra and the Hosech. These are the Divine Expressions of light and dark. They are not opposing, but work together. You are part of something greater that isn’t bound by time, space, or form. And when you understand this, the Divine Expressions of Light and Dark will be accessible and understood by your mind and Body.

When you go through your process of purification and attain spiritual sovereignty, your creation contains these 2 divine forces that must work together. The Divine Light is the radiance of the Mother Father penetrating your body and the Divine Dark is the infinite wisdom of all times that creates within the Womb. This is the Secret place that contains the Mystery. These two forces work together and contain the seed that will bring transformation and change.

In my time spent with Yeshua, I learned from him the importance of the New Covenant. Yehsua spoke and taught to all, as the basis of his New Covenant was that Heaven was accessible to all. But you must remember that when you speak of Heaven, you are speaking of Celestial Energies, this is the Mystery. This cannot be seen. Inheritance is available to all who do not practice separation, so as you go into unity you embrace heaven in the here and now.

In this embracing of Heaven you Become the Divine Light and Divine Darkness of Creation, the Noohra and the Hosech.

In my time after Yeshua´s death, I taught many about the soul descending into the womb to enter the world of matter. When you descend into the Womb and grow and feed within the Womb of your mother, you know that you contain the Noohra and the Hosech, but then time passes in the Womb or once your are out and you become stuck in the base of a density that you must break free. To break free you awaken the Holy Fire to burn the heaviness and become light again. This Holy Fire must reach your heart. This remembering of who you are as a soul that contains the power of Divine light and Divine Darkness within you happens in your heart, when the Holy Fire awakens your heart. When this Holy Fire awakens in your Heart you become the Breath of Fire, the Breath of the Shekinah, the Holy Spirit.

As I offer you these words and you receive them, I ask you today to pray to the Divine Mother-Father, pray in the name of Christ, and breathe in the name of Christ. Speak the Hosech and the Noohra and call them into your Temple.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

May we always know that we are the love of the Abwoon.


Ana Otero

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