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Mary Magdalene Channeling. Freedom

Blessings to you today.

Today I come to you with a message of Freedom.

If you are listening to these words you know that it is meaningless to continue in old patterns. You know in some way within your heart that the path you have been walking is the result of your own actions and choices.

You are awakened because you want a change, a change that doesn´t involve self -reproach, hopelessness, judgement, anger or victimhood. Bringing Light to your broken heart, wounds, separation, darkness, confusion, can give way to the newborn soul. This instant of beginning contains the seed of what follows in your journey. Open and contain the seed of Light. Remember that something greater than yourself is moving with intention through your expression. This is Chochmah, Shechinah, the Holy Spirit.

This New Awareness of the Newborn soul has consequences and responsibilities, as some part of your individuality and ego self is sacrificed and cleansed with each new creation. The evolution of your soul means that you must dismantle everything that is no longer useful for your soul. It is like leaving an addiction. To move on, you must forgive yourself, forgive others, and have an awareness of the self inflicted chaos you have created at some moments in your life. Your old habits must give way to new habits that are aligned with the Light. This new behavior that arises must be born out of stillness. Stillness is the most active and intuitive state that you can be in. You ask how to attain this stillness? It is about not giving energy to thoughts that hold you back, to experiences, to fears and to people who don´t wish to see you free. Ask yourself: In my inner world, who leads and who follows? Does love lead or does separation lead? Does Faith lead or does fear lead? Does clarity lead or does confusion lead?

You must become intimate with your thoughts, perceptions, and people so you can know which ones require of your energy and which ones must float out into the river that you do not which to bathe in.

Freedom is the choice between creative independence and destructive isolation. Creative Independence is the Sacred Sense of the I am Presence of Sacred Unity whereas Destructive Isolation involves a distance between the I and the you, the inner and the outer, and all polarities. Your Freedom begins when you bridge the gap, remove the veil of the illusion of Separation. Open your eyes and look at all and everyone around you and know that they mirror back some part of your inner self.

Your freedom allows you to heal and when you heal, you heal yourself and all relationships you have, past, present and future.

When you are free you honor your agreements and soul contract.

When you are free you understand that you are a cosmic and multidimensional being.

When you are free you do not judge others, as you have confidence in every graceful step that you take in your incarnation.

When you are free there is no need for you to place limits, as someone who lives in the Glory of Light cannot be attacked.

When you are Free you know that you are Created, Creative and Creating.

When you are Free those who want to keep you in Slavery have lost their power over you.

When you are Free you know how the Law of Light Manifests.

When you are free you are Love, Sacred Unity and the pure Expression of the Mother Father.

There is always more of your true soul self waiting to be resurrected. Don´t stop now. This is only the beginning. There is a void, a mystery, at the beginning of existence, and you are part of this Mystery that calls you to travel further in the Caravan of Creation.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero



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