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Mary Magdalene Channeling:Loving with the Full Capacity of your Being

Mary Magdalene Channeling

Image of Mary Magdalene from my new oracle cards: The Desert Rose Oracle Cards

Artist: Gabriel Icka M.

You no longer need to be scared of loving with the Full Capacity of your being. This means loving with your heart, mind, soul, actions and service.

Love is not a feeling, it is a state of being, and when you are love, love expresses itself through your actions and decisions. Push away the loneliness, sadness and fears that may haunt you. They are ghosts, they are demons that feed off of your energy to have more life force and more of an influence over you. Surrender to your bitter tears, the tears that will lead you to crack open completely so you may be in devotion to Alaha, the Divine Mother-Father, yourself and others. As you release these demons your heart is filled with the infinite light of creation that brings you to choose to be Love. You are complete. Why do you believe you lack something? Creation is always complete within itself. The first creative principle in the universe contains both the masculine and the feminine aspects of the Divine Mother and Father. This is your origin, this is your true lineage. This is the Sacred Unity from which you come from and in which you are infinitely part of. You are part of the great bonfire of creation , you are a spark which has come out of that fire. Your spark can never disappear, but it can be without light and it´s creative power. When your heart is softened and opened, when you allow the radiance of love and harmony to permeate within and without your heart, you become the creative multi universal principle and through this energy you will breath, live, think, speak, heal and create.

Your body is now opening to receive the Fire that will grant you your Robe of Glory. Be open, be receptive, be infinite, be love.

Remember that in the breath you are at one end and the Divine is on the other end. Amein Mary Magdalene Channeled by Ana Otero AHAVA

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