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Mary Magdalene Channeling. Malkah and Kallah

I come to remind you that you are doing nothing alone. We in the other dimensions are the Oneness of all creation along with you. You are experiencing the light return after an extended period of darkness. Your rebirth process is actually taking place in a different channel of time. There is no way out, you must push forward. You are deep in the mystery now, in the center of the Womb of all creations, reaching for the light that will restore the balance.

Your spiritual death is no longer the enemy you fear and disdain because of the uncertainty that lies at the end. You are entering the wilderness of a new human expression.

The Star of Bethlehem has been activated and you are being called to embody the energies of both Malkah, the Queen, and Kallah, the Bride. You are called to awaken the Holy Mother, The Queen,The Eternal Sustainer of love, compassion and creation. You are called to be the Beloved, the Kallah, the Holy Bride that is infused with the Presence of the Holy Spirit.

The Divine Mother wants you to receive Her. She awakens you to the Truth, which is Love, and She awakens you to who you are, ultimately, Love. In this space of birth you are endlessly forgetting the slavery and remembering the beauty. Listen to her ringing the sacred bells designed to wake us from the slumber of our separateness.

The Mystery reveals itself to those who seek it. Have Faith, and walk into the Gateway of the Apocalypse.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

Remember that you are love and infinitely held by the Divine Mother - Father.

Abwoon D´bshmaya

May the Magdalene Flame guide us every day in every way.


Ana Otero

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