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Mary Magdalene Channeling. One with the Light of Creation

Bless all that happens in your life and see it as an opportunity to cultivate more deeply the light within. The pain you have been through has a purpose to awaken you, to ask you to look deeper inside, and to reveal greater strength and caliber to overcome difficult challenges. Pain, fear and separation can be transformed into power, wisdom and awakening. This is a choice you can make and take action in at any moment.

Remember that you are one with the Source of the Light of Creation.When you remember this you begin to spread this remembrance to other individuals in your life.

Each time you allow the Light of Creation to enter your heart you come closer to being in a sacred unity with your Soul. This is a Holy Presence. Holiness is attained when you become so in tune with your soul that even when you are involved in the world, you continue to increase the light of the soul shining in and through your body. You are an open vessel that blossoms in radiance and makes others shine.

Do not detach yourself from the physical to be sacred. The more connected you are to the creations of the Creator, the more you know Alaha and the more you know yourself.

The soul sees her mission through the body and the incarnational experience. When you fall in such a deep sleep that you cannot hear the voice of the soul nor perceive her desires, the mind and feelings start to have power over you. These become uncontrollable and cause fear and judgment.

See your pain, suffering and separation as part of the sacred in the physical world. Do not allow your experiences to close your heart. Let them give you strength and wisdom. When this transformation occurs, the LIGHT you hold is an offering to humanity.

Cultivate your inner Shalom (peace) so that even when you are occupied in the manifest world of opposites, you still have the vision to see everything flowing together in its true essence of unity.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

Image by Yoneit Maldonado.


Ana Otero

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