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Mary Magdalene Channeling. The Light Body

Mary Magdalene Channeling

The Light Body

As you enter into the portal of the Shem you become more aware of your radiance or your sickness. Light is infinite, and when you embody the Shem your light is infinite and reaches everywhere and everyone. This is beauty, this is health, this is prosperity and this is exaltation. The embodiment of the Shem is the light body. The shem knows no limits and holds the power of the Creator. When you continue to be in limiting beliefs, judgment, cruelty, slander, jealousy, fear, this takes away your shem and your light body weakens, or just disappears. Without radiance you cannot be healthy or live a prosperous life. Without the radiance of your light body you go into depression, sadness and sickness.

You think that by changing your negative thoughts into good thoughts you will again radiate light. This is not so easy. You must come face to face with the limitations imposed and chosen by you. Your soul longs expansion and freedom, she does not want to be chained.

I bring to you this message today as I want you to know that if you allow yourself to be filled with the breath of the Shekinah you can release all the voices that want to keep you in sickness and start to listen to the voices of the angels. It is the Divine Breath that will awaken again the Shem in you. The breath will bring you into the pure creative energy of unconditional love and your radiance will be infinite.

To understand how the Shem moves energetically in you start to understand your own sound. Chant, speak words of love, speak the language of the angels, be kind and loving. This is how you will become free from the limitations even your own language imposes on you and your words will be infused with Light.


Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

From my new book: Mary Magdalene AND THE PATH OF SHELÁ


Ana Otero

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