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Mary Magdalene Channeling. The Practice of Shalom

Blessings to you on this day. Today I come to you with the practice of stillness.

You may think that to be still requires for you to be passive, but stillness is actually the most active state of your presence. There is a word that we used in our time here on Earth that is the Shalom. Shalom is the state of attentiveness that allows you to evaluate your words and speak from your heart. The practice of Shalom is not just a moment, it is a continuous practice that will help you cultivate the silence to hear yourself and push away the continuous mental conversation that can control you. The practice of shalom will also give you the capacity to listen to what others want to say to you, to fully understand the words of those speaking to you. The practice of Shalom will allow your Soul to speak through you until you ultimately are the Soul with the Body moving through and with the soul.

Can you here your soul speak? Can you hear the sound of your soul? Your soul speaks through you in so many different ways. She is alive within you and outside of you.

When you feel alignment, your soul speaks to you.

When the sound of your voice becomes beautiful, your soul is speaking to you.

When you awaken the desire to be a Creative Human and not just a created human, your soul is speaking to you.

When you fall in love with your Voice, your soul is speaking to you.

When you allow acceptance of who you are, have been and will be in the personality you have chosen, your soul is speaking to you.

When your call to serve from your heart awakens, your soul is speaking.

When you create Sacred Space for prayer, your soul is speaking to you.

When you are kind and generous to people, your soul is speaking to you.

When you are forgiving, your soul is speaking to you.

When you allow the Feminine and Masculine to meet in the Holy Chamber, your soul is speaking to you.

When you know the love of the Rehem, the love of the Womb of the Divine Mother, your soul is speaking to you.

And ultimately you are poured with Grace when you know you are Love, because YOUR SOUL SPEAKS AND THE BODY MOVES THROUGH AND WITH THE SOUL. This you will attain with the practice of Shalom.

When your Soul Speaks and your body moves through the Soul, you become the Shaphira, the glimmer of light of the Holy Beauty that radiates within you. The Shaphira is the gift to you from the Shekinah, the Divine Feminine Presence. The Shaphira that is gifted to you will bring you peace, harmony, calmness, beauty, loveliness, fairness and clarity. You will shine bright and your gifts to the world will be delivered and received.

Start this practice today. This requires you to go within, to commune with your sacred feminine presence and create space for the Holy within and make Holy the space created outside of you. The more you commune with the Divine Feminine, the more you will know Shalom. Start with the breath, KNOW YOUR BREATH, and then sing with your voice, KNOW YOUR VOICE.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

May we always know that we are the love of the Abwoon, the Divine Mother-Father.

May the Magdalene Flame guide us infinitely.


Ana Otero

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