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Mary Magdalene Channeling. The Rebirth

The Divine Feminine Presence comes to you with a message of Grace, Hope and Responsibility.

Water is the transformation that humanity needs. When you allow the process of rebirth through the Sacred Waters you again understand the holiness of your incarnation. Water reveals to you what you cannot see. She is the mystery that holds the seed of life, receiving the Divine Breath in her infinite conception.

You are now moving towards your truth. All the layers placed upon you by social conditioning are being peeled off. Through the shedding of these layers, you come home to yourself. It is only through death that you come home to yourself. As you evolve you may experience many deaths, but there are actually 2 important deaths in your incarnation: the death of your ego personality and the death of your physical body.

You say you follow the path of the Divine, but you still judge, envy, steal, gossip, desire what another has. This is not the path of Devotion, it is the path of bondage to feel any type of separation, as it keeps you caged in, not allowing you to be free to express your soul. Your soul can be free in your human incarnation if you allow the Ego Personality to die.

In this age of the energetic world you are shown so many realities, so many possibilities and yes, they seem infinite, but the only eternity and expansion you will feel is when you embrace the Path of the mother. The Divine Mother will strip you naked so you yourself can see the chains of bondage and unite in Holy Communion with your authentic self, your soul. When your soul is free you will be able to see the Mother´s Face. In your nakedness she covers your body with robes of love, sustenance and nurturing.

When the Ego personality dies you awaken your spiritual eye. When this happens the limitations in your mind disappear, this is the true eternity, it is here that you can experience the infinite possibilities of Growth, Healing, Manifestation and Love. Your spiritual eye will speak to you in whispers, in visions, in feelings, in people, in animals, in all that is around you. This is part of the Light Language that you are being called to learn. Your spiritual eye will take your soul on the journey that she came to fulfill.

I, Mary Magdalene, come to you today as the Sacred River flowing with divine wisdom and sacred feminine presence, nourishing you with the nectar of your soul. Be present, aware and responsible, and always BE LOVE.

Channeled by Ana Otero

May the Magdalene Flame Guide you every day in every way.


Ana Otero

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