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Mary Magdalene Channeling: The Sacred Embrace

In the quiet whisper of your heart and the infinity of your spirit, hear these words, for they are offered with deep love and reverence. I am Mary Magdalene, and I come to speak of the sacredness of your being, the temple that you embody – your body and soul.

Your body, this beautiful and intricate vessel, is more than just a physical structure. It is a sacred chalice, lovingly crafted to cradle your soul. Every breath, every movement, is a dance of divine intricacy, a celebration of life's miraculous complexity. Your body is a miracle of creation, a space where the material and spiritual meet, where the dance of existence unfolds in every cell, every heartbeat.

But remember, within this exquisite vessel dwells your soul. Your soul, an eternal flame of divine light, carries the essence of all you are and all you have been. She is the keeper of your wisdom, your experiences, your love, and your truth. Your soul is not confined by the boundaries of time and space; it is limitless, boundless, a fragment of the infinite cosmos, yet wholly unique in Her expression.

And what, you may ask, does the soul hold deeply with Her depths? She holds the Light – the pure, unadulterated Light of the Divine. This Light is the source of all creation, the wellspring of love and wisdom, the eternal fire that burns in the heart of every being. Your soul is a vessel for this Light, and through your soul, this Light finds expression in the world.

In understanding this, understand the sanctity of your existence. You are not merely a being of flesh and bone; you are a guardian of the divine flame. Every act of kindness, every gesture of love, every moment of true understanding is your soul manifesting the Light within the physical realm.

Cherish your body, for it is holy. Honor your soul, for She is the sacred. Embrace, the Light within, the essence of all that is. In this union of body, soul, and Light, find the path to your true self, the path of wisdom, compassion, and love.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

I received this channeling a few days before we entered into the new year 2024. After taking many days to embody the message, the Mantra for 2024 at The Desert Rose Mystery School came through me:


All of the teachings I offer this year will be infused by the sacredness of this Mantra.

My heart is so warmed as we started the Mary Magdalene Priestess and Priest Training for 2024. I am eternally grateful for the beauty we lived yesterday in our initiation ceremony and the journey that awaits us. Many of you have written to me and I know you will be registering. The training will be open for a few days still. CLICK HERE.

The Candlemas Mystical Drumming Ceremony will be on February 2nd, honoring Imbolc and the Essence of Candlemas. Join us as we learn Desert Drumming Rhythms to embody the Holy Spirit, the Divine Feminine Presence. This Candlemas Drumming Circle is going to be powerful! All levels are welcomed. CLICK HERE

We started are monthly DMT Ritual Movement sessions in 2022 and I truly love these gatherings. This year the teachings are infused and inspired by Sophianic Kabbalah. Our first session is Sunday, January 28th, and I am so excited about seeing so many familiar faces. The Sacred Movement practices this year will alternate monthly between DMT Ritual Movement and Ahava Sacred Dance and Drumming. On January 28th, our session is VE BA LEVI, in the Heart. CLICK HERE

Remember to sign up to The Desert Rose Magdalene Community Platform so you can access the links to our Community Gatherings. (Community Gatherings are free of Charge, the only exchange asked for is respect towards the teachings and the participants). CLICK HERE

As we are in the month of Shevat - Aquarius, this is the month of Sarah Tamar and an amazing moment for honoring her through the Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Healing Training. This is a self - paced course, you experience the teachings in your own pace. CLICK HERE

I am currently working on the next Aramaic Course I will be teaching. If you are interested in Aramaic the teachings I will bring forth, please contact me through email.

The day is getting nearer for me to share my next book. There has been a concealment with this book as it holds such a powerful vibration.

Thank you for being part of this Community.


Ana Otero

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