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Mary Magdalene: Life is Meant to Expand

Life is meant to expand and for life to expand, there must be change. Sometimes you feel stuck, heavy in your energy, and feel that you cannot move forward. These are just your perceived obstacles and they are a reminder for you to go into stillness in order to reflect and recognize your habitual patterns and beliefs.

When you start to remove these old belief systems that no longer serve you, you will be free to create a new enlightened foundation. It is better for you to be aware of what is crumbling beneath your feet than to experience by surprise, without any awareness, the collapse of what you thought was you and your life. When you are aware of what is crumbling beneath you, what appears as rubble is what will take you to the ultimate treasures that have been patiently awaiting your embrace.

Reality lies within the Heart. Illusion is created in the mind.

When you step out of your human limitations imposed by the mind and fully open your heart, your perception will change, your vision will shift. You will see with the eyes of the heart.

When you start to see your self and life with the eyes of the heart, your Holy Flame will expand, you will contain and give the Holy Fire. The Well of wisdom within your heart will awaken and once again, you will start to remember.

The Holy Fire will guide you into creating new realities by passionately loving them in being, into existence.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero


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