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Mary Magdalene. Meet me in the Heart

Mary Magdalene Message

Meet me in the heart, in the infinite space where the extremities of duality do not exist. Just as Yeshua is the vine rooted in the Divine Source, in this space you too will become this Vine Rooted in the Divine Source. Just as my chalice holds the fruit of eternal life, you too hold this fruit. This is the space of infinite Light, of infinite Creation. This is the space of salvation, the remembrance of your indwelling relationship to the all loving Mother Father - ALaha. Here you are only sovereign, you cannot be a slave.

Come and walk with me through the timelines of the ancient ones as I reveal the untold Truth and the Wisdom of the Cosmos. There are many who continue to be angry about my persecution. Do not be angry. Rejoice in my name. I am not a victim, I have never been one, for no matter what circumstances I had to go through in my time on Earth and beyond this time, I always knew the true essence within me, THE LIGHT AND THE PURITY OF ALAHA´S CREATION.

Now is the time that you know the truth of who you are. Strip yourself completely of who you think you have been and are, and sit with the nakedness of your soul. This is your Sacred Sanctuary, your emptiness, here lies the truth of your incarnated Soul that can feel the glory of the heavens and also embrace the Mother Earth with your feet. In this emptiness, your soul will radiate through your body an energy field that enables you to live freely, dissolving the veils of illusion that have been attached to you. Here you step into the center of your heart and commune with ALL THAT IS, with ALAHA. The Cosmic Divine Union expands your consciousness and your simple presence becomes an activation of light that can awaken those around you.

In your sanctuary you will find and remember the seeds of life you planted before you came here. Nothing is birthed from outside you, It is all birthed from within your Divinity, your source, your black light of creation. Nurture your seeds as they are so precious and needed. Protect your seeds from the harsh world that surrounds you. When you nurture these seeds you will start to live in the fullness of your passion and service, for this is the fertile ground in which you will expand. Welcome these seeds to blossom with a new sweet fragrance and let them infiltrate your everyday life. These are the seeds of your SOUL .

My dear beloved, fall in love with your fragrance and the Divine will be filled with your scent, just as you are filled with the scent of ALAHA. In this Divine Love making, Creation Continues.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

Book: Mary Magdalene and the Teachings of the Desert Rose


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