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Mary Magdalene Message

Message Mary Magdalene

Today I come to you with a message of your soul purpose. If you base your Soul Purpose on your Identity you cannot be in your true Royalty, as only those who serve can truly rule.

When you open up to the Holy Spirit, the Divine Feminine Presence, Shekinah, you will discover that it is by loving that you truly become yourself, your soul self. That which you think you do not have, that person that you think that you are not, these are sensations of separation, of believing that you must have something or be someone to be complete. Truly, the only things you are in short supply of are all the things you fail to give.

As long as you are incarnated as a Human, what you wish for will be given to you by staying connected to Alaha, to the Source Energy of Unity. Through prayer, contemplation, meditation, purification and Ceremony you return into the true essence of your Soul Purpose, which is to be you. From this place you are truly given all that your soul desires. This is the Law of Light. When you wish from the heart you become receptive, you allow the flow of what needs to be given to you to come into your Kingdom. You allow the knowledge and wisdom you seek to be poured into your Malkootah (your Kingdom).

The Law of Light will open the gates of the 7 heavens within you and you shall be given your Robe of Glory.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

From the Book Mary Magdalene and the Path of Alaha Shelá

Wishing all of you a Blessed Shabbat Day as we enter the month of Sivan - Gemini. This is the month of Light, Movement, Unity, and an opportunity to receive the Holy Spirit and Wisdom.


Ana Otero

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