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Mary Magdalene Message and Full Moon Blessings

Leo Full Moon Blessings to All of you.

In Gnostic - Biblical Astrology Leo represents the Lion of Judah that destroys the Lawless Serpent and unites in Cosmic Love Making with Virgo (The Priestess of Light) so as to deliver the Seed of Light for Humanity to ascend. The King and The Priestess Queen of Light take their thrown, living the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

The Aramaic letter that created Leo is Tet. Tet reminds us that our Soul existed with a purpose before this world was created.

We have been given unique gifts and by using them we express gratitude to Light Creation and Alaha (Source). Share yourself with the world and be a humble vessel for the grandiosity of your Soul.

The world needs your presence and all that you are here to offer.

Full Moon Blessings to All of you.

I would like to share this Message from Mary Magdalene with you.

Message from Mary Magdalene

I am the Mystery. I am the wine that quenches your thirst.I shall teach you things that I myself had to learn.These Mysteries are hidden deep within your heart and as you, the righteous ones, become more numerous on Earth, my Light will shine through you.

Today I come to speak to you about material resources.Wealth is not attained by owning things. True wealth is experienced by your pure enjoyment of all of your experiences, whether for a moment, a day or a lifetime. Because of your insecurities and fear of lack, humanity has continued to possess things, accumulate things, and hold on to things, which only takes away from the flow of energy. The flow if energy must run through you, not around you. As a sovereign being, you have your own support system and simply need to tap into it.

You are the universe within yourself because you have been born with everything you need. The delusion of your society has made you think that everything is supplied from the outside, when you truly are a well of infinite water.

Money is not your security, nor is it power, it is an energy. It is the emptiness within you that allows this energy to flow through you. It is the joy you experience as you are in Devotion to Mother –Father Divine. It is the relationship of reciprocity that you have with Mother Nature. It is the heart that is willing to love and transcend separation. It is you who is committed to sharing yourself with the world through your creative acts.

An abusive relationship with money has the potential to become toxic and affect your life in debilitating ways that encase you in fear and stop you from pursuing the journey your soul longs to travel.

Financial exchange, as society’s way of keeping the energy flowing, can be and should be a healthy expression.

Change your mindset, do not let yourself continue to be programmed by the lawless ones who keep you enslaved. Adopt a creative approach to offer your sacred gifts to the world, and in exchange, what is needed for you to live and express yourself in a healthy holistic manner, that uplifts you and those around you, shall be given to you.

Remember that you are held. You no longer have to fear.

Trust in the natural flow of Source Energy and know that your pure Love Essence attracts all that you desire into your life.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

Have a blessed Full Moon in Leo.

Sending so much love to all of you in this Community.


Ana Otero

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