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Mary Magdalene Message. Your Life is Sacred.

Mary Magdalene Speaks

Blessings to You

You are not born unprepared, you were given tools to help fulfill your mission on Earth. You have come here to tell a story that can only be told through your body that carries it. Reflect on the moment that you were born until now, on all of the experiences that you have had as a Soul on a journey here on earth. Each experience has created who you are. Each experience has been chosen by you to evolve, to create, to learn, to heal. Even the hardest experiences, when alchemized, will give you the most vast wisdom. Sometimes you need to be cracked open to really see what is inside of you. If you could start telling your story now, how would it begin?

Every Chapter of your life contains light, a light that can be witnessed and embodied when the Soul is nurtured and given space to be. Each chapter of your life has revealed a certain Petal of the flower that you are. What does each petal say to you? Find a common thread within all of these Petals, for your creation story is written within each one of them.

The Soul comes here to complete tasks and to also initiate new tasks. Just the fact that you are alive is enough evidence that you are here for a purpose, you are here to deliver greatness, no matter what form it takes and expresses. Stop lamenting what you have or have not done. You are perfection in this moment of your Story. You will start to become aware of the greatness you are when you know that you are here to experience your infinite potential. Know that you have an important role to play on Earth.

Knowing your true greatness, the infinity of your soul that is not defined by external limitations, will humble you.

Humility is what attracts your purpose, it is the solid ground by which you can hold the Miracles that have been given to you and expand them.

The soul´s eternal life never ceases to exist. Be Open, allow your Soul to blossom in her radiance in your holy incarnation. Your life is sacred.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero


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