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Mary Magdalene: Presence is Infinity

When you live within a mind that’s always projecting forward you become unconscious creators because of your incessant longing. You must live in the present moment to consciously create your lives through the holy desire of your heart. The only moment that is boundless is the present. In this moment you are the infinite possibilities.

This present moment is a precious and sacred gift. In this space you can create a life of your Holy desire. Prayer is one of the most potent channels that can keep you in the present moment. Remember that material form embodies energy.Prayer gives you access to Light, which every cell of your body can create with. When you live in the present moment a new life always awaits you.

Prayer is an encounter. Prayer is about dwelling. It is the dwelling of Alaha and you together. The deepest part of prayer is that of dwelling in the dwelling of Alaha. Being present in the presence of Alaha. Prayer is infinity. Prayer is Creation. Prayer is Divine Love Making.

Slow down. Walk and feel the body of Mother Earth below your feet. Gaze at the sun and receive its warmth. Each moment, each step, each journey, each embrace, each word, each action, carries within it infinite possibilities of creation. Magic lives within you. Magic surrounds you.

I see the truth of who you are. May you see infinity within you always.

Open up to me, the Magdalene, and let me guide you to your Truth. My heart beats with your heart. My Love radiates through you.

Know that your path is a sacred one. Your incarnation is a Holy Journey.

When you become fully conscious and live every moment as Infinity, your life becomes the miracle.

Today and every day live in the Miraculous.


Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero


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