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Mary Magdalene: Remain Open

Beloved Children of the Light,

I am Mary Magdalene, speaking to your hearts with a message of gratitude and the open-hearted giving of oneself. Each breath you take is an opportunity to embrace gratitude. Remember, gratitude is not only a celebration of life's gifts but also a profound acceptance of all the challenges you are faced with.

As you walk the journey of your incarnation, I urge you to remain open, to give of yourself freely. There are moments when you might feel a sense of lack or vulnerability, and in these times, the instinct may be to create walls, to impose boundaries in the belief that this will shield you or affirm your worth. However, often this is the play of the ego to distance you from the abundance and goodness that life offers.

Understand that true strength lies in your ability to remain open, even when fear tells you to close off. In openness, there is a powerful vulnerability that connects you more deeply to the essence of who you are and to others. It is in this space of vulnerability and openness that gratitude flourishes, for you recognize the interconnectedness of all experiences, both joyous and challenging.

When you feel the urge to retreat into the confines of your boundaries, pause and reflect. Ask yourself if this is a step towards genuine self-care or a reaction driven by fear and the ego's desire for control. True self-value is found in your capacity to remain open, to give and receive with a full heart, and to embrace life in all its complexity.

Let gratitude be your guide, a light that shines brightly in moments of uncertainty, illuminating the path back to openness and love.

In the heart of gratitude and openness lies the potential for profound transformation. It is here that you will find the courage to give freely of yourself, to embrace the flow of life's blessings, and to experience the true richness of your being and your Mission.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

Sending lots of love. I am also sharing our Desert Rose guidance for this week. You can find the video below.


Ana Otero

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