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Mary Magdalene: Sound as Conception

Mary Magdalene Channeling



A gateway in time is now unfolding. I invite you to step through this gateway and begin to regard everything as sacred and divine. Humanity is being propelled into a new realm of energy and existence, presenting a chance to release your fears, doubts, and insecurities.

A cascade of solar light is now infusing the Earth, activating the heart within you. The heart is the Bridal Chamber, where the Silence of the Soul is illuminated, allowing you to emerge as the Divine Human you truly are. In the moment when the lover and the beloved unite in your heart, you will experience harmony and the liberation from the incessant drive to act or to merely survive in a reality shaped by deceptive illusions.

Once your soul manifests, you will gain the ability to perceive and articulate hidden truths. Truth is only unveiled through rebirth. Your authentic voice is heard only when the soul speaks.

You must cease to express yourself through insincere words, for words not derived from the soul's truth only forge karmic bonds with the ego.

Your manner of thinking shapes your speech. If your thoughts are illuminated by the true light of the Bridal Chamber, they are infused with love, and your words will only generate love, thus birthing divinity. You may think words originate from the mind, but they arise from the integrity of your body. The unity of body and mind, achieved through the heart, allows you to speak as a Divine Human. The Divine Human is the SOUL expressing herself in truth and authenticity in your existence.

If your thoughts remain unpurified, your speech mirrors that impurity and perpetuates a cycle of karmic energy within your body.

Remember, the soul does not simply give birth; it conceives. If you give birth without conception, you merely reproduce the patterns of unresolved karmic cycles.

To conceive is to engage with the purity of the soul's presence on Earth. To conceive is to activate the light through your SOUND.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

I am wishing all of you a beautiful Tuesday.

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Sending all of you so much love.


Ana Otero

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