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Mary Magdalene: The Light of the Womb

Mary Magdalene Message

Your Womb Holds the Light of Love that can initiate a powerful alchemical process. The pure sovereign energy of the Virgin can take you into this Light of Love in your Womb. This Light of Love forgives abuse, the pain of a broken heart, toxic patterns, karma and energies that are coming through that are really not a part of your soul essence. Remember that love initiates and governs the process of a child forming in his-her mother’s womb. Love is the cohesive energy that holds together the agreement between Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, a sacred agreement that sustains life and makes it possible for creation on this planet. Love is never an absence of – it is always an abundance of. The more you become aware that you are LOVE, the more Love will reveal itself to you.

Mary, Mother of my Beloved Yeshua, is the Great Virgin who was conceived immaculately and she too conceived her Divine Son Immaculately. This Light Conception has to do with you saying yes to the Mother Father, the Abwoon. When you become the Holy Container that holds the presence of the Mother Father you too will become a channel of the Divine and carry the SHEM, the Light of the word.

In this presence I bless your Womb and activate your Christed Vision so you may see and receive the Light. Remember that frequency is light, and the more light you carry, the higher the frequency in your womb allowing you to conceive immaculately.

I remember the auspicious moments shared with Mother Mary when she taught us the Secrets. She would close her eyes, bow her head to her heart, and concentrate deeply. We stood while she sat in silence during these moments, and we humbly received her teachings through light transmissions. These were sacred times, when we basked in the light of the teacher’s face, and now you can return to this sacredness of being by cultivating the purity of stillness.

Remember that you chose to be on Planet Earth and she needs you to be in moments of just being still. Finding sacredness in the moment depends on what you do with your time. Don´t sacrifice all of your time to gain material possessions. When you drop into the stillness of the sacred, inspirational instances will eternally fill you with light and you will also be filled with the light of the ancient wisdom of Planet Earth.

The word is the body and the intention is the soul. The unity in the expression of both the body and the soul births through the purity of your womb and heart. When the body is warmed from words spoken from the heart, your womb becomes warmed, and when this happens, what you create is VIRGIN (Pure, Sovereign, Soul Essence, Truth).

This is the transmission I bring to you today and I bless your womb as the pure light essence so that all you bring into this world is filled with the Light of Love. Remember, YOU ARE THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION OF THE ABWOON, THE MOTHER FATHER. Today you can heal the sickness of separation and be the ABWOON for all of your creations.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

I wrote this poem after I received this Channeling from Mary Magdalene:

The Virgin Womb awakens

Remembering the ancestral wisdom of the land

Footsteps in a rhythmic dance of sacred geometry

Receiving the seed that was, is and will be

Purity of grace in expansive birth

Allowing the Light of the Word to be

Anchoring in the Sacred Waters

Manifesting in all that is born

Spherical Movement of the Sweet Melody

Of the Gift that is her breath

The fecund wet Earth grows in abundance

As the Sweet Union of what is above is below

Unfolds in the Eternal Spiral of Time

Ana Otero

Abwoon D'bshmaya


Ana Otero

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