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Mary Magdalene: The True Light

Today I ask you to find stillness within. For within you lies an eternal wellspring of peace, untouched by the world's turbulence. In understanding your inner truths and harmonizing with the Divine, you will transcend the illusions and conflicts of the external.

Embrace the wisdom within, and let the serenity of Shekhinah guide you.

Humanity falls into patterns of negative karma or sin. Yet, if you believe that such actions forever prevent you from divine grace or illumination, then none amongst you would ever find redemption. For every soul has its moments of weakness and extreme darkness. Instead of focusing solely on the past or struggling to remain in separation or justification, you should ask: how can a soul, burdened by past actions and darkness, find enlightenment and liberation?

When Lord Yeshua died the world passed away, and when Lord Yeshua was raised up a new creation came into being. With Yeshua a pure emanation came into the world, the union of the beginning and the end, and all things were restored anew.

There are two worlds that live simultaneously, the world that does not contain the word and the world that does contain the word. The world without the word cannot see the world that holds the word, the seed, the light.

Yeshua said that he would not leave you orphaned, for those who wish to enter into the restored world become the Holy of Holies. As Holy of Holies, you must share the Word with those who seek your presence.

Many souls touch upon the Klippah Nogah, the veil of mixed light. The root of Klippah Nogah is in cosmic ignorance: the dualism in consciousness or illusion of separation. A purification from this illusionary light and other barriers is essential, a cleansing from the energies that cloud the true essence of all Souls.

It is time to enter into the infinite realm of the heart, where the world that Yeshua birthed is nearer to you than ever before.

Every moment is precious. You have this life, this opportunity, not to become entangled in debates of the past but to seek enlightenment, to walk the path Yeshua and I walked, and to truly know the Christ within.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero

I hope all of you are having a beautiful Wednesday. I find myself immersed in the preparation of this new lunar cycle ADAR - PISCES within the teachings of Aramaic Creation Spirituality. I share this message on a Venus Gate and on this beautiful day I facilitated the last session of the Desert Rose Bee Sacred Voice Awakening Mentorship. The work we did was powerful and I can still feel the sound of the Hathorian Mantras and Aramaic embrace my body.

Just as Mary Magdalene says in this channeling, let us allow the serenity of Shekhinah guide us.

Soon I will be sharing the new Course in Aramaic that was inspired by El Shaddai! I also want to share that many of you have asked if I can re-open the platform for the Desert Rose Sacred Journey Planner, so you can now purchase the planner again. CLICK HERE

Sending so much love to all of you.


Ana Otero

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