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Mary Magdalene: Walk with the Divine Mother

Mary Magdalene Message:

Be open, transparent and compassionate in your communication to bring integrity to your relationships. The more honesty you can contribute, the more you will understand that all hearts need freedom. Yes, your heart also needs freedom. Freedom from all the strings that bind you to the karmic past that is obsolete in this New Age.

At this moment you are going through a recovery of the Soul and you are understanding your power in the process. You know deep down what is true for you.

There is one important relationship that you should bring energy into: Your relationship with Mother Earth. She hopes to speak to you in her hidden language. She awaits your holy footsteps with reverence on her sacred Body. Her heart beats the Rhythm of Infinity, Her Womb sings the song of Creation.

The Mother and the Divine Feminine Presence are making their impressions on the collective and She will create sacred ground on Earth. She is here to stay. The sacred waters of the Cosmic Womb are spilled. The light is expanding. The Divine Gestation is already happening.

Anchor The Mother deep within you, deep within your human heart, for it is here that SHE claims residency.

Walk with the Mother, hand in hand, as lovers who have traversed long distance over time and space only to be reunited to experience an ultimate reality of grace and co-creation. In this relationship, limitations do not exist. With The Mother, you are eternally rebirthed in Her Light.

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ana Otero


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