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Mary Magdalene: Your Heart is Expanding

Mary Magdalene Message

Life is full of both meaning and hope. Reality lies within the heart and illusion is created in the mind.

When you trust yourself enough to open your mind to all that already exists within you, you shall find yourself living the expanded reality of Infinity.

The molds that have constrained you have been broken. You can no longer fit into them. The more you resist expansion, the more you feel disintegrated. Your incarnational experience requires a different type of support, one based on the Heart. Although the veils of illusion have made you forget, You live in a planet of LOVE. Expansion is upon you, do not resist, your heart is expanding into infinity.

What I see within you is so precious. If you could see with my eyes, you would smell the fragrance of your Divinity.

As you expand out of the old constraints, you will see this world as a blessing and you will also understand that you are a blessing to this world. Mary Magdalene Channeled by Ana Otero

Mary Magdalene Priestess and Priest Training starts in March.

Magdalene Avalon Retreat in April 2023


Ana Otero

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